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Chef Spotlight - Elizabeth Falkner: The Culinary Maestro Championing Taste and Advocacy


In the vibrant world of culinary artistry, there are few names that command attention and inspire awe quite like Elizabeth Falkner. With a career spanning decades and a zest for pushing culinary boundaries, Falkner has earned her place as a pioneering force in the industry. Beyond her incredible talent, Falkner is also a champion for the LGBTQ community, using her platform to advocate for equality and inclusion. Join us as we celebrate the indomitable spirit and mouthwatering creations of Chef Elizabeth Falkner.

The Rise of a Maverick:

Born on February 12, 1966, in San Francisco, Falkner's journey towards culinary stardom began with humble roots. Her insatiable passion for food led her to explore various culinary avenues, ultimately paving the way for her groundbreaking career. After graduating with a BFA degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1989, Falkner immersed herself in the culinary world, determined to leave an indelible mark.

A Trailblazer in the Kitchen:

Falkner's culinary style can only be described as a harmonious symphony of American, Italian, and globally inspired flavors. From her innovative pastry creations to her mastery of breads, pizzas, and cakes, Falkner's artistry knows no bounds. With each bite, she takes her patrons on a culinary adventure, leaving them craving more.

One cannot discuss Falkner's legacy without mentioning her iconic establishments. The first, Citizen Cake, emerged in 1997 as a dessert cafe that would forever change the San Francisco culinary landscape. A heavenly haven for those with a sweet tooth, Citizen Cake became synonymous with Falkner's artistic vision and flair for blending unexpected flavors. It soon became a beloved institution, captivating the hearts and taste buds of food enthusiasts far and wide.

Undeterred by the closing of Citizen Cake, Falkner ventured into new culinary territories, opening the enchanting Orson in 2008. This stunning restaurant, with its modern design and mesmerizing atmosphere, was a testament to Falkner's boldness and innovative spirit. Orson quickly became a hotspot, attracting discerning diners eager to savor Falkner's visionary creations.

Culinary Adventures and Triumphs:

Falkner's journey wasn't confined to the West Coast; she also made her mark in the bustling culinary scene of New York City. She opened Krescendo in Brooklyn in 2012, showcasing her talents in Italian cuisine. Falkner's genius shone through as she melded traditional flavors with her unique twist, delighting New Yorkers with every dish.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Falkner unveiled Corvo Bianco on the Upper West Side in 2013. With this establishment, she once again proved her versatility and ability to create unforgettable dining experiences. Falkner's culinary prowess transcended borders, and her passion for exploring new horizons knew no bounds.

Advocacy and Inspiration:

Elizabeth Falkner's impact extends far beyond the culinary realm. As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, she has used her platform to advocate for equality and lend her support to organizations like Act Up and the Human Rights Campaign. Falkner's activism, combined with her immense talent, has made her a role model for aspiring chefs and members of the LGBTQ community alike.

Television Stardom and Beyond:

Falkner's charisma and culinary expertise have also graced our screens, captivating audiences around the world. From her appearances on Top Chef to her triumph on Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions, Falkner has become a household name in the realm of culinary competitions. Her infectious energy and playful personality have made her a fan favorite, and her skills continue to dazzle judges and viewers alike.

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