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  • Provincetown Brewing

    Provincetown Brewing is a craft brewery located in Provincetown, Massachusetts that donates a portion of its profits to LGBTQ+ rights, environmental causes, and the local arts community.

  • Supergay Spirits

    Supergay Spirits is a craft vodka brand established in 2020, made with organic corn and a focus on fun, donating a portion of proceeds to LGBTQ+ causes and social justice initiatives.

  • Lalo Tequila

    LALO Tequila is distilled only twice to maintain the integrity of their agave, and add no flavors or additives. Agave, yeast, and water are its only ingredients to honor the complex essence of agave.

  • Rhode Island Spirits

    Rhode Island Spirits is women owned, queer owned, and veteran owned. Opened in 2019, we make organic, gluten free spirits using fresh, farmed and foraged ingredients.

  • Equal Pride

    Equal Pride, Official Media Sponsor of Big Queer Food Fest, is the leading LGBTQ+ owned and operated media company, reaching millions with award-winning content across platforms like Out.com and The Advocate.

  • Chef Works

    Chef Works is the leading supplier of professional chef apparel and uniforms, including chef coats, pants, aprons, and hats. Their products are known for their comfort, durability, and functionality.